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Zuri at QuiltCon

Three of us Zuri members boarded an early morning flight last Thursday morning for Austin headed to QuiltCon, a first-of-it’s-kind, Modern Quilting show put on by The Modern Quilt Guild in Austin, Texas. Workshops. Lectures. Vendors. Exhibit. Quilts. Books. Fabrics. Meeting some of our favorite bloggers. Fish tacos. The three of us staying up to the wee hours of the night there in the hotel room talking about quilts and quilting. And what exactly is modern quilting? And is there an African American aesthetic? And, how to define African American quilting. (More about those discussions in a later blogpost.) It was wonderful! One of the nicest parts of the experience was meeting black women from around the country who quilt. There weren't a lot of us, but there were enough to embrace and learn from. Special shout out to our friends from the AAQLA. We arrived back home Sunday afternoon saddled with books, fabrics (lots and lots), coupons, new techniques, and photos. And lots of ideas!

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  1. I would love a copy of the quilt which shows rows of squares and depicting a lady, beautiful, really eye catching


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